Saturday, February 21, 2009

XBee Communication over Google Talk

I had been kicking this idea around since early last year but progress was slow until recently. So what happens when we have stretches of frigid, bleak weather? I end up coding, a lot. The end result is XBee-XMPP, which I released a few weeks ago on Google Code.

This project builds on XBee-API and provides a solution to talk to your XBee network from anywhere on the internet, using XMPP.

Now you can sit back in your favorite chair or couch and write code to communicate with your XBee radios, without cables, and/or breadboards dangling off your notebook. You can even share your XBee network with your friends. It doesn't even matter if your application is behind a firewall (e.g school/work/home), because as long as you can reach the XMPP server (Google Talk or Openfire), you can talk to the XBee network. With this solution, your XBee applications run in separate processes, so they can stopped, started, upgraded etc, all without affecting your other applications.

This project uses Smack for XMMP communication. Initially I'm supporting Openfire and Google Talk, but any XMPP service should be possible. Google Talk is recommended for getting up and running quickly because you don't need to setup a server; you just need two Google Talk accounts.

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